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【HUAWEI MateBook X pro】HUAWEI Laptop Perfect Guidance Review!!

Hello! This is yuya.


This time on Huawei laptop


HUAWEI MateBook X Pro


I’m using Huawei laptop which is HUAWEI MateBook X Pro i7 (2020 model).


Of course, the site I purchased is the official Huawei store


Well then Let’s start!


6/4 rewrite

HUAWEI MateBook X Pro

2021 VGP summer PC (notebook / less than 15 inches) category award !!

“VGP” is a comprehensive award for audiovisual equipment, which is one of the largest in Japan and started in 1987.

A VGP judge consisting of 10 critics who are active in many media such as specialized magazines, and leading dealers nationwide who determine products every day participate.

“Audiovisual products” such as 4K OLED / LCD TVs and Blu-ray recorders,

A wide range of product genres, from “pure audio products” such as speaker systems and audio players to “lifestyle products” such as earphones / headphones and AI speakers, are examined in a cross-cutting manner.

Only items that are sure to be bestsellers with professional aesthetics will be selected as award-winning models.

HUAWEI MateBook X Pro opening ceremony

In my case, it was during a telework campaign (February-March 2021).

laptop HUAWEI Classic BackPack (rucksack) Band 4 (smart watch / smart band)

And a bundle set was included.


Band 4 is introduced in the following article.In Japanese only.


こんにちは!yuyaです。 今回はHUAWEI製スマートバンドのレビューを使用者目線も交えながら語っていきます。 前回はHUAWEI Watch GTというスマートウォッチのレビューをしましたが、   […]



By the way, I opened the laptop computer, but it was in the following case.

  In this,「HUAWEI MateBook X Pro」

The letters are gracefully decorated, creating a sense of luxury. (Individual opinion)


Bundle set HUAWEI Classic BackPack (rucksack) Band 4 (smart watch / smart band)

This is a picture of laptops lined up on a desk together.  

It looks a bit like a Mac. (I used  Mac PC when I was in the lab)  


As I will explain in a later article, mouse pad operation is similar to Mac operation.

(That’s why it’s difficult to use on a Mac computer, but it’s recommended for those who want to perform similar operations on a Windows OS!)  

PC design

Surface design

The dull glowing surface creates a feeling of luxury. (Individual opinion)

It opens from the front side of the photo.

Back side design


The back is also luxurious.

It has the Windows and NVIDIA logos.

Click here for NVIDIA.


こんにちは!yuyaです。 今回は、半導体業界と言ったら欠かせない TSMCとはどのような企業なのか、 また半導体業界におけるファウンドリ企業、ファブレス企業とは何なのか について[…]


Aspect side

The maximum thickness of the side is 14.6 mm, which is extremely thin!


Despite this ultra-thin thickness Left earphone jack Type-C USB x 2 Right side Type-A USB Terminal is provided.


Bezel surface ultra-thin PC design

How is this thinness The bezel surface (edge of the screen) is only about 7 mm.


The upper part of the PC is almost a display!  

However, in the picture above, you don’t really know the size of the display.  

Then AR camera function of Huawei smartphone “HUAWEI P40 Pro”


Let’s use “AR measurement”.  

Reference article


こんにちは!yuyaです。 以前紹介した記事でHUAWEI スマホのOSであるEMUIが登場したので [sitecard subtitle=関連記事 url=huawei-huawei-p40-pro_d[…]

  • width 28 cm(280mm)
  • vertical 21 cm (210mm)


Was analyzed.  


Let’s match the answers.  


On the official website

  • width appox.304 mm  /AR 280 mm
  • vertical appox.217 mm  /AR 210 mm

  It is written as   The official homepage explains like this, The AR measurement result was almost as explained.  


It’s amazing! AR measurement!  


Weight also About 1.33 kg It is a weight that can be easily carried with one hand.    

Equipped with touch panel function

Of course, this display has a touch panel function, which other PCs do not have.


Three-finger screenshot function there is.

If you swipe slightly with three fingers as shown in the picture


You can take screenshots!  


I’ve introduced so far, but I’m using keyboard shortcuts

Shift + Windows + S キーボード[Windows]+[Shift]+[S] Each taste.  

PC built-in camera

The camera is not at the top of the screen It is embedded on the keyboard (between F6 and F7).

It’s literally a built-in camera.  


If you push this camera part down


The camera  pop up.


Performance is Approximately 1 million pixels (retractable front camera)  


According to the following article


As a guide, 1 million pixel level is sufficient for practical use, but it is said that if 2 million pixels or more, fine characters such as whiteboards can be read without problems.

As you can see Enough for practical use.  


Also, by making it a pop-up type

Ah ~ I left the camera on when I thought the online meeting was over ~



I wonder if this online conference can be set up ~ Wow, the camera is running …

Physically You can solve it!  

Officially If you set it to automatic, the camera may not pop up if something goes wrong, but if you set it to manual, it will be harder to break.

There was a story.  

And If it is a pop-up type, it is assumed that the angle is not so great and the entire face is not reflected, The author uses a laptop stand.  

Even if it is not a pop-up type, if you use a laptop stand, the line of sight of the computer will move up, It is recommended because it is gentle on the eyes and body.

Fingerprint authentication

Fingerprint authentication makes it easy to log in to your computer.

The power button has a fingerprint authentication function.

like a picture

The fingerprint authentication has a design that does not have a feeling, and it blends in.

It is possible to register up to 10 fingerprints.  

mouse pad / touchpad

The mouse pad / touchpad is smooth and easy to operate.


The touchpad has the following functions.  In Japanese only , sorry.




Up to this point, it is the same as when using a normal mouse.  


The true value is from here.

2本指で上下にスワイプ:ウェブページやファイルを上下にスクロール。 2本指で左右にスワイプ: ウェブページの「前に戻る」「次に進む」(ただし、Google Chromeのみ)
It’s convenient, not to mention swiping up and down with two fingers.  


Swipe left or right with two fingers: “Back” or “Next” (but Google Chrome only) on the web page The feature is really useful.  


As shown in the picture below
If you use the “back” function of the mouse pad, the part surrounded by the red frame
Take the trouble to move the mouse cursor


「←」(Yellow surrounded part)


You don’t have to bring it to You don’t even have to use keyboard shortcuts.


It is a multitasking display.



Swipe right with three fingers: App switching function.   This is similar to the keyboard shortcut “Alt + Tab”, but


You can easily operate it without pressing the “Tab” key many times.



 Action Center is a unique feature of Huawei PCs. Notification area icon on the taskbar Explosive speed and easy operation.



PC Manager

Features not found in other PC makers, but found in Huawei PCs One of them

PC Manager

My computer (PC diagnosis) trouble shooting Quick service Functions such as can be started with one touch!

Method of operation

Of the function keys on the top of the keyboard Only Push |M|button !!  


Of this PC Manager Hint item Then Multi-screen collaboration Screenshot recording User guide In other words, it corresponds to the instruction manual.

Quick diagnosis

In quick diagnosis


I want to check the device information of the main PC ~


  At that time If you select “Hardware” in the photo above


You can see the device information instantly!  

Take the trouble Windows mark ↓ “Settings” (gear mark) It is convenient to be able to make a diagnosis without having to perform detailed operations!  


In other items “Settings” (gear mark) You can set it without going through the steps of!  


Of this HUAWEI MateBook X Pro OS has


Windows Home OS CPU 

Core i7-10510U (4 cores, 1.8 GHz, maximum 4.9 GHz)

Memory  16GB LPDDR3 2133 MHz

The storage  1TB SSD (samsung).

Quick service

With quick service Mainly repair related items are lined up  

  • Reservation service Confirmation of service center location
  • Parts price confirmation
  • Repair application
  • Repair progress confirmation such as PC trouble


Without google Connect to Huawei Customer Service!


You can see the progress of the repair, so you don’t have to worry about it.


You can also press the | M | mark at the bottom of the display.

You can see the CPU usage!



When the computer gets hot or the motor grows If you check this CPU usage,

You can see how much CPU is being loaded!  

A smartphone appears on the PC screen !!

See the image below.


HUAWEI MateBook X Pro A “Multiscreen” window has appeared on the PC screen.  

How about a window that you’ve seen somewhere!  


Yes, of HUAWEI P40 Pro This is the screen of your smartphone!  


How do you do it?


Yes! Just put it!

I will state it exactly.  

For Huawei PCs like my HUAWEI MateBook X Pro

Near the mouse pad There is something called Huawei Share.


Here When you put the Huawei smartphone that activated NFC It will work automatically.  


Huawei smartphone “hints” app As introduced

You can connect your smartphone to your laptop and take advantage of the endless features of multi-screen collaboration.

You can take advantage of the keyboard and mouse to control your smartphone, or simply use your laptop to easily share and process files.

When you connect your smartphone to your laptop via NFC, you can drag and drop files between devices using your laptop’s mouse.
In this way, you can take advantage of multi-screen collaboration easily and conveniently.

You can copy data from your smartphone to your laptop, Of course, you can copy data from your laptop to your smartphone.  

Rather, I don’t know how to use it other than this.


Is there any merit in operating a smartphone from a computer?

It is around this time that I think.  


I thought there was.

Multi-screen collaboration allows you to make and receive phone calls on your smartphone with your laptop when you connect the two devices in contact.


Besides There is a possibility that I can’t find it!  

But well Even if you don’t bother to go to the download folder The advantage is that you can paste the image directly!  


CPU benchmark score test

I checked the performance of the CPU Core i7-10510U processor with reference to the following article!



The top of the red box is the CPU benchmark score, and the bottom is the GPU score.  


It is 3227.


And the following data is the one that actually performed the benchmark test. (Orange No. 12)


It is 2815, which is below the ideal value of 3227,

This may be because some software was running in the background. (In my case, virus buster etc.)  


I looked it up a little more in the following article.


インテルのCore i7-10510Uは、2019年8月に発表されたノートPC向けのCPUです。2019年9月以降に発売…


The CPU performance is quite excellent.
Higher class among CPUs used in standard notebook PCs / mobile notebook PCs for general use.
In the benchmark test of this site measurement, the score is about twice that of the Core i7-7500U used in high-end notebook PCs 3 to 4 years ago, and about 10% higher than that of the previous generation Core i7-8565U.

It is a pretty good evaluation for a laptop computer. In addition, it has 16GB of memory and SSD storage, so it works smoothly.  


This is the official homepage 

For those who still like Amazon,

CPU is a bargain for CORE i5.  


Japanese site ONLY…SORRY…


Well then


Go My Way ! HUAWEI !